How to Strengthen Internal Oblique Muscle

The internal oblique is a big, prime-mover muscle on the anterior trunk area and portion of the abdominal group. Compared to the other stomach muscles, the inner oblique is situated deeply to your external oblique, superficial to your transverse abdominis, and lateral to your rectus abdominis.. It’s a thick, powerful muscle that wraps round the lower torso, linking the abdominal area to your lower back.

The internal and external abdominal oblique operate in numerous combinations to side flex and rotate your core. Side flexion happens when the external and internal oblique on the exact side contracts simultaneously- in such a case left internal and external oblique bend the trunk on the left and those on the right to the right side. For rotation, the internal oblique act as a team with external on the opposite side on the body. To spin your trunk on the right, the right internal and left external must operate together and contract simultaneously.

Activation of internal, external obliques along with the transverse abdominis will increase pressure into abdominal cavity, which will help to stabilize the spine throughout motions- like weightlifting twisting, bending. In addition, they help with forced exhalation, compress and secure the abdominal content. To strengthen external and internal oblique muscles, and reduce oblique pain you can perform variety of oblique exercises- oblique crunches,laying windshield wipers, different variations of plank, trunk rotations with added resistance-like rubber bands, weight plates or using cross-over machine, oblique stretches and foam rolling. All of these exercises would help build and define oblique muscle. Stronger obliques means stronger trunk and secured spine, which is equal to reduced chance of injury and better life.

Here is my favorite oblique workout, there is no “best oblique exercises”, they all help your core in different angles. Make sure you build slowly, without using heavy weights in the beginning, which may increase chance of injury, especially if new to core workouts. Use mostly your bodyweight, foam roller or light resistance rubber bands.

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